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About us

Dear Mowers!

In 2004 I was angry and frustrated, I damaged scythes while peening and mowing, it didn't go well. As a bonus the midges and insects kept biting me, we all got hurt and it wasn't any fun. Yet I had faith there must be a better way, I simply didn't know how, so the search began. Now in 2008 I cut with ease, am relaxed, I enjoy myself while the grass falls obediently at my feet. I've found the midges and insects rather tickle me these days and make me smile. Says head mower from our family.

As committed users of the scythe we decided to share our passion and developing understanding of the scythe to a larger audience by starting this family business "Mowing with Ease" or in the Czech language "Kosime Snadno".

Our goal is to provide quality scythe blades, snaths and other important equipment. However, with the scythe no one part is magical alone, but rather the good combination and appropriate skills produce a scythe which can be said to mow with ease, for this reason we also offer courses and videos.

Heartily, Dudman Family

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