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Jak se mohu naučit tuto metodu klepání?


Jak se mohu začít naučit tuto metodu klepání?


Best would be to come along to one of our courses, however we are trying to present enough information here in the technical section and with the videos if don't get a place booked on a course.
You can use the Peening Jig in combination with free-hand peening of the very edge until you are more confortable and consistant with the free-hand peening method.
Take a look at our Video page, were we demonstrate using the peening jig and free hand peening. Generally we are encouraging people to use a method of free hand peening which allows us to see clearly each hammer blow. This allows us to practice our acuracy and consistancy, we would recomend performing this on the very edge of the blade until you have more confidence. This prevents creating waves from striking too far away from the edge. When you feel comfortable with the very edge you may like to move onto making addition lines gradually away from the edge.
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