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I bought a economy blades from hardware shop why should buy a re


I bought a economy blades from hardware shop why should buy a real Austrian blade from you ?


Of course its your choice, this wasn't available from normal shops for us personaly when we starting mowing, however after we got better tools and improved methods we noticed an improvement and started enjoying things. Although we try and empasise that there exists no single magic part of the mowing tools execpt perhaps the human who cares for the blade, matchs blade with snath, snath with himself, and the tool with the terain which he is currently mowing, we are trying to offer quality tools together with the first stepping stones (Courses) to help people put it all together so we can all "Mow with Ease". So it is possible to work with lower quality or more budget tools if you use good methods and techniques, but like my grandpar might say, "I am not rich enough to buy cheap". Aditionally you may be suprised when you try and work the edge of a better quality blades as compared with the budget ones.
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