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Which blade is most suitable for me ? I am 192 cm tall and my ga


Which blade is most suitable for me ? I am 192 cm tall and my garden is about 25m x 100m.


A very important question, which can be very simple and more complicated. Wanting to keep things simply, generally if you don't yet have much practice with mowing you might like to restrict your choice to a 65cm or 75cm. If the ground is fairly flat and open then the 75cm may be better for you, or the 65cm if the ground is not so even or there are obstacles (trees etc) to cut around.
If you are only going to be trimming around the edges etc then you may be happier with a 50cm for more precision and control, although with practice the longer blades can be used very efectivly in many situations. Generally the 85cm and 95cm are choices for people who already have had experience with the shorter brothers and wish to mow with a slightly bigger forward bite into the grass on more level ground.
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